5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Blonde Sexy Girls In Norway

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Silje Norendal

 Are Norwegian girls all about the hype or is there more to them than meets the eye? Here some facts about girls in Norway that most people don’t know about.

Silje Norendal

Silje Norendal


Without a doubt, there is a strong pull towards girls in Norway. The general perception is that all Norwegian girls are blonde and sexy and while that is not strictly true as there are parts of Norway where their women are not blonde, it is a fact that a large majority of girls in that part of the world are blonde and sexy. But that is not all they are; there is a lot more to Norwegian women than meets the eye and apart from the fact that they are beautiful, a lot of the other facts are relatively unknown to those who have never visited the country. Here are 5 facts everyone should know about blonde sexy girls in Norway.

They are beautiful

Okay, most people already know that the women in Norway are beautiful. The combination of blonde hair, blue eyes and thin bodies make them appear to be the most attractive women in the world, or at least in Europe. They wear their beauty with a natural flair that has some women in other parts of the world trying to imitate them in fact some very expensive escort agencies in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge have some of the most beautiful Slavic girls as they are in demand as high class companions for rich Arab gentlemen.

They are athletic

For some reason, blonde sexy girls in Norway are athletic. Most of them are really into sports and there are a high number of Norwegian girls who are professional sportswomen. Besides that though, many girls in Norway love sledding and this shows in their physical build as they are not just tall and slim, they are often fit as well.

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They are independent and strong minded

Actually, this should read that Norwegian women are feminist. These are probably the most feminist women one is likely to find anywhere else in the world. Feminism for the women in Norway is not just something to talk about or turn on once in a while, it is their life. As such, blonde sexy girls in Norway are independent and have strong minds.

They are selective

There is a general impression that blonde sexy girls in Norway are promiscuous and easy targets. The contrary is the case. Women in Norway view sex pretty much the way an average man would and they are very likely to cheat on a committed relationship, however they are very selective in their sexual partners and can often appear as cold and frigid.

Financially Secure

Norwegian women are for the most part, financially secure and so this makes them appear arrogant. Compared to women from other countries in that region, women from Norway are wealthy and do not feel obligated to be friendly simply because of another perceived success. The average blonde sexy girl in Norway would rather pay for her drink or would insist on sharing the bill after a dinner date. The quickest way to offend a blonde sexy girl in Norway is to forget that she is an independent and financially secure woman when relating with her.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Norwegian girls and this has brought hordes of men to Norway seeking to experience these fabled beauties. The hype is mostly about how all Norwegian girls are blonde and sexually promiscuous. Those who eventually make the move to visit the country soon discover that while many girls in Norway are blonde, there are also brunettes who are equally as sexy. Also, it becomes clear to those who visit that sexual availability is relative and Norwegian girls are individuals.

Nine Life-saving Tips About Dating

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Rich man with nude model escort
Rich man with nude model escort

Rich man with nude model escort

Do you miss the old days when dating was so simple and people didn’t have to run through the gamut of emotions just to know if the person they’re with was the right one? Okay, so there were never days like that, old or new. Dating has always been somewhat complex and confusing and as people have evolved and become more complicated, so has dating to the point that many successful men now hire by the hour high class escorts dating companions, some of these ladies are incredibly expensive

However if you are not tired or put of by the dating world and want to start dating, there are so many things you would have to contend with. There is now online dating, which is a phenomena which was not even in existence in the good old days. Then there is social media which makes it easier for people to hook up and which has caused a change in the normal dating dynamics.

First dates will always cause some level of anxiety, but the recent spate of killings and the growth in date rape is something you need to be aware of. Taking all these into consideration, these 9 tips could very well save your life when you date.


Go to a public place for a first date

Dating is a game, but it is increasingly becoming a dangerous game so if you are going on a first date with a stranger, make sure you go to somewhere really public like a restaurant. Never agree to go someplace you don’t know or to the other person’s house, not on a first date.


Always let someone else know where you are going

Find out where you will be going for a date and let someone else know where you are going to be. Let your close friend or flat mate know where you will be and if it’s a place that has a phone number, ask them to call an hour into your date and ask for you and then to inform the police if you are not there.


Get the other person’s phone number and send it to your mother

Once you meet up for your date, ask politely if you can have the other person’s number (that is if you don’t already have it). Send that number to your mother, or maybe to your close friends and let them know that is who you’re with.


Don’t obsess about how you look

You should not be sloppy or dress shabbily when you are going on a date, but try to keep things a bit casual. It will help if you get to know beforehand where you’re going and let that dress the way you dress. No matter where you are going, do not obsess about your physical appearance. If he didn’t like the way you were, he would not have asked you out in the first place.


Keep an open mind

We all have our ideals and expectations, but if you want to have fun on your date, keep an open mind. Do away with stereotypes and focus on enjoying the other person’s company.


Get to know the other person

Do not blather on about yourself from start to finish. Yes, it’s okay to talk about yourself a little, but also put an effort into getting to know the other person.


Ask strategic questions

The best way to know another person is to ask questions. However, do not ask questions just for asking sake. Ask strategic questions such as where the person comes from or what work she does. That will help you know more about her background.


A date is not necessarily a life-partner

You should not date someone you could never in a million years consider marrying. But neither should you treat each date like a pre-marriage interview. Relax and have fun.


Take it one step at a time

Don’t rush into anything. Take your time and give the other person the freedom to breathe.

Why Adult Parties In New York Is Not For Everybody

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It’s easy to think that an adult party is the answer for anyone who feels horny, however this is not always the case and there are reasons why some people should not attend adult parties in New York, no matter how horny they feel.

Luma Rouge Chemistry Play Areas

Luma Rouge Chemistry Play Areas

There are several dangers in attending adult parties in New York City, dangers which can be avoided.

New York City, the most populous city in the United States of America, has great influence on the fashion, commerce, finance, art, media research, technology and entertainment. It is always buzzing with activities during the day but it is the night life that gives it a notorious reputation.In the big apple night-time is as busy as daytime. With the alcohol flowing and the music playing, the party girls keep dancing and the party never stops. It is a hub of parties, night clubs and strip clubs of all kinds.

But then, in a big city like New York, you can be sure that danger could be lurking in every street and ally corner especially at night.Most people go tonight clubs or strip clubs at night when they are horny especially, if they are not dating anyone or for some other reasons. Some others go out just to party the night away. But adult parties in New York are not for everyone who feels horny because it could get dangerous.

You could get into serious trouble

If you are an under aged,you are not licensed to drink alcohol and arenot supposed to be granted entry into night clubs or adult parties. However, teenagers have devised ways of faking licences to their own detriment. Sneaking out of the house and fooling bouncers is easy but they often do not take into consideration the trouble they could get into.You and/or your friends could get hurt or position yourself in harm’s way. And then what was it all worth?

You could get mugged

It is typical to find people out and about the streets of New York at night, searching for parties and nightclubs to attend. While there are other people lying in wait at street corners or even in the open waiting for an unfortunate victim to rob.These patrons of night clubs sometimes get robbed and stabbed or seriously injured while they are out to have fun.

This may happen if the person went out alone or there are inadequate security personnel.It can also be that the security personnel are not sufficient in number or are not adequately trained to protect and defend patrons in the event of a criminal attack.

You could get raped

It is always advisable to go out in the company of friends on such wild nights. Many New Yorkers who got rapped during these nights out were mostly defenseless. Even if the main motive for your going out is to get laid and to cure your raging hormones, rape can be a devastating experience. There have been stories of people getting raped after getting so drunk in adult parties.

You could get killed

Criminal activities such as shooting, fighting and drug dealing are very common in night club scenes and you could be mistaken for someone else who is a target and consequently killed. Worse still, you could incur the wrath of these criminals and that will be the end of you. So, getting horny is not a crime but you have to be careful of the places you go to while in search of someone to spend the night with. A little precaution will do you a whole lot of good.

Why adult parties in New York is not for everybody who feels horny, play safely with the people you know or trusted and reputable agencies to arrange such deliciously debauched experience